25 November, 2010

Saraswati Puja SMS

My Heartiest Good Wishes To All Members Of Your Family
On The Auspicious Day Of Saraswati Puja.
May Lord Saraswati Ji Showers Blessings On You.

Happy Saraswati Puja..!!

Maa Saraswati Ji Aapko Sadev
Good Thought Pradan Karte Rahe
Maa Saraswati Ji Ki Blessing Aap Par Sada Rahe.

Happy Saraswati Puja!!

No Greeting Card To Give,
No Sweet Flowers To Send,
No Cute Graphics To Forward,
Just A Carrying Heart Wishing You

Happy Saraswati Puja..!!

May Your Life Be Filled With Eternal Light Of Knowledge.
My Best Wishes On This Saraswati Puja Dear Friend…..

Pray Goddess Saraswati Ji
Blessings Remain With Us Throughout Life.

Happy Saraswati Puja..!!

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